Why A foundation?


In 1998, the OPP hosted its first OPP summer camp at GHQ in Orillia. The initiative to establish an Ontario Provincial Police Youth Foundation (OPPYF) evolved from this experience. The Ontario Provincial Police Association, the Commissioned Officers Association and the counsellors recognized a need to provide ongoing support for youth across the province.

The OPPYF was created in 2005, to help the members of the O.P.P. and O.P.P.V.A. help the youth of the province in need of assistance, so they could realize their potential. It was determined that a foundation could assist in fundraising activities, provide appropriate accountability processes and allow the OPP to explore additional opportunities to help youth. It was emphasized that the foundation's intention would be to ensure the Youth Foundation had a "Provincial scope," in both membership and outreach.

Objectives of the "OPP YOUTH FOUNDATION":

To receive and maintain funds and apply all or part of the principal and income therefrom for the following charitable purposes, which support disadvantaged youth in the Province of Ontario:

  • To provide social and educational development opportunities for disadvantaged youth:
  • To provide opportunities for disadvantaged youth to attend a leadership camp to advance social and life skills development;
  • To provide educational opportunities for those disadvantaged youth who require financial assistance through the granting of bursaries;
  • To provide opportunities for life skills development;
  • To provide opportunities for counselling and family support services.

Charity Status:

The OPP Youth Foundation was incorporated in 2007 as a "corporation without share capital" and licensed to use the term "Ontario Provincial Police" in the context of its use with the Foundation. We are registered with the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency as a charity under the Income Tax Act, permitting us to issue Income Tax Receipts to donors.

Board Of Directors:

There are currently eight members of the Board along with a number of appointed volunteers serving as committee members, legal counsel and financial services (see Board of Directors).

All board members are volunteers, including its administrator. The OPPYF has no paid employees.


The OPP Youth Foundation operates at arms length and receives no funding from the O.P.P. Funding comes from the generosity of the OPP Association, The OPP Veterans’ Association, the OPP Commissioned Officers Association, its members and member chapters and from the general public.

As a registered charity the OPPYF can and does provide income tax receipts to contributors. If an individual or group wishes to hold a fund-raising event or to make a tax-deductible donation, they may contact us at the mailing address below or send an email by clicking on the link below.

Please be assured that the OPP Youth Foundation has committed to NEVER use telephone solicitations. All fundraising will be done by personal contact through organizations that support the Foundation.

Information presentations will be made to public groups that express interest. The mailing address for the Foundation is:

O. P. P. Youth Foundation
777 Memorial Avenue
Orillia, ON L3V 7V3

or send an email to office@oppyouthfoundation.ca

Since inception we have been pleased to provide the services of a "Foundation" to the many OPP members and community supporters who so generously work to provide youth with opportunities to develop to their full potential.

Thank you,

David Lee, Executive Director