Available Programs


These programs are available to youth who reside in OPP patrolled areas, with the following qualifications: Youths must meet the program age requirements, there must be a demonstrated financial need and they may not be related to anyone in the O.P.P.

Applications for all programs may be made by members of the O.P.P. only. Applications are not sought from the general public (See OPP Members page)

The Foundation is focused on three youth programs:

To receive and maintain funds and apply all or part of the principal and income therefrom for the following charitable purposes, which support disadvantaged youth in the Province of Ontario:

  1. Funding to support OPP Youth Camps hosted by OPP members across the Province. Also, a partnership has been formed with the Tim Horton's Foundation to hold youth leadership camps (long weekends) in each of the Tim Horton Camp locations on a rotating basis. Youths must be in grade eight, moving into grade nine.
  2. Through needs identified by OPP members, a funding stream is provided to support opportunities for youth to participate in such cultural and sports programs as:
    • Amateur sports (figure skating, hockey, soccer, swimming, football etc.)
    • Auxiliary education programs (reading programs, chemistry clubs etc.)
    • Skills development (singing, dance, model building, carpentry, sewing etc.)
    • Nature and Outward Bound programs
    • Boys and girls clubs.
  3. A bursary program has been formed, to support students who want to pursue a form of post-secondary education - up to the age of 24 years. Each year, two $1,000 bursaries are awarded in each of the OPP's five Regions. Selection criteria have been created to identify students who are most in need of assistance, with a focus on former OPP Youth Camp participants.